Introducing Lyus Legal

BelindaLyusLyus LeGal has been founded on over 30 years experience of specialist clerking at the Bar. Although it is based on an established history it is, in fact, the most modern system of clerking in Australia and amalgamates the best of the traditional methods of clerking based on the specialist Chambers of Sydney with the best aspects of the Melbourne List system. Lyus LeGal operates in parallel to the current established chambers in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Continuing in the role as a clerk with Lyus LeGal, Belinda Lyus performs the traditional role of proactive national promotion and marketing of barristers on a specialist needs basis.

The barristers on this list are considered to be among the very best in Australia and as such Lyus Legal provides their services as the only national portal for barristers services along the East Coast of Australia.  Click here to view the list of barristers.